Trending home décor styles

Some people are conservative with their décor styles while some claim to be eclectic – they are unsure about what they want, so they simply follow everything. However, having a style, whether straight or mixed, helps you to create a functional and comfortable home.

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Mid-century modern

This style made a lot of progress in the 50s and 60s. The main objective of a mid-century home décor style is to have a home that is functional without any unnecessary extras. This home-style also makes use of organic shapes a lot. For instance, a womb-shaped chair is an example of mid-century home décor.


This home décor style is built on simplicity, cleanliness, functionality and aesthetics, at the barest minimum. As the name suggests, every element of the decore exudes simplicity. The materials mostly used are metals, glass, wood, etc. It requires that the decorating style be edited a lot because the style uses little to communicate much. It is in such homes you see fewer accessories with no clutter anywhere. Besides, everything you find in a minimalist home is functional and clean.


The industrial home décor style originated from the urban world. It rests on the beauty of the unglamorous and the unfinished and the hardworking bits. It combines elements that are typically found in a warehouse such as metal with high ceilings. The furniture is a functional bit scant. The colour schemes are mostly neutral such as black, grey, brown. It doesn’t throw away the hardworking elements that have scars, rather it shows them off with pride.


Also called ‘shabby chic, the rustic home décor style is built on perfect imperfections. Most of the times, the wood is worn, chipped, unfinished, etc. In almost every element, nature is present; accessories, furnishings, art, etc. The chairs and the tables are organic. Warmth is always present in the textiles used and the feel of the style. However, the modern-day rustic style uses more attractive wood surfaces in addition to clean lines and a pale colour palette.


This home décor style rests on the Nordic culture of sim[lixcity and love for nature. it combines elements that are clean, earthy and understated. The furniture is artistic yet functional. The colours are often neutral with heavy touches of white. Besides, the lighting is natural and decorative with a feeling of spaciousness.


The Bohemian home décor style attracts a lot of people because it is carefree, individualistic and tolerant. From flea shops to global market textiles to the vintage market, you will find a Bohemian style base. If you desire that your home has a global outlook, you should opt for the Bohemian style. Sometimes, the style breaks expectations. For instance, you could find floor pillows in place of chairs in a Bohemian space. The attitude is more of laissez-fare and this makes the décor more attractive. You don’t have to stick to the rules 100{226987853ec195eb0dabe8ea46be5641ef210954b217d9a06a8a9bfd2a4233f6}, you can always tweak them.