Substances That Reduce Air Quality in Industrial Settings

Industrial settings are exposed to all types of substances all the time. Some aren’t considered harmful for workers but depending on what is going on in the building, fumes and other substances can be dangerous.

Now is the time to learn about what may be in an industrial setting and reducing air quality. Also, keep in mind that if poor air quality is present, choosing and installing quality industrial air filters Richmond VA is a smart move.

Welding Fumes

Welding can cause an array of harmful fumes. The fumes can impact the welders and people working nearby. This poses a risk of longer-lasting ailments and, in some cases, cancer. Inhaling particles produced while welding includes lead, fluorides, chromium, cadmium oxides, aluminum, and more. Today, there are modern air filtration systems that will help extract fumes created by welding. Using these will go a long way to ensure the safety and health of workers in the welding environment.


Plastic materials are commonly used in the industrial environment. It is found in toys, decorations, tools, medical devices, pipes, packaging, and more. Usually, these are found in high amounts in the component’s composition. Unfortunately, manufacturing goods from raw plastic and disposing of plastic waste can create several dangers for the air quality industrial workers are exposed to. The prevalence of plastics can expose those in the industrial setting to all types of irritants and hazards. With proper air filtration and ventilation, it is possible to reduce and even eliminate exposure to dust, fumes, and VOCs.

Keep in mind that industrial filters are not the same as the filters used for residential properties. These are usually made of different materials to ensure the harmful substances and components in the air can be removed. This is done to protect air quality and minimize issues that may otherwise occur because of low air quality.