Sprucing Up Houses for the Market

I’ve gotten into the real estate market as a means of making money this year. I buy houses that need a little fixing up, have them repaired, and then flip them for money. The most recent house that I sold was one that was in fairly great shape. The house just needed a bit of paint, some Irvine shutters, and some new carpeting. I was surprised that I was able to get the house for as low of a price as I did, because normally a house of that quality would sell for a higher price.

Many people who sell houses hire someone to do work on them, but I have my own crew, consisting of my family. My brother is an expert when it comes to making home repairs and he’s even licensed to do things like plumbing and roof repair. My uncle has a truck that we use to haul items to and from the homes that we’re fixing up. The two of them use their spare time to help me with the houses, and I’m grateful that they do. Between the three of us, we can start working on a home and have it ready to be sold in a week or less, depending on how much work it needs.

I’ve been looking at one single story house for my next purchase. This house is a little older than some of the houses that I’ve bought, but that’s fine. People really go for vintage homes these days. The home is made of brick, and over the years, the brick has become stained. A good pressure washing will take out that stain and make it look as good as new. The rest of the work that the inside needs can be taken care of easily by myself and my family.