Refresh a Tired-Looking Space

Whether it’s a commercial, retail, or residential space, at some point it will start to look a little too lived-in. Old paint, shabby furnishings, and stubbornly grungy carpets can all create the sense that your home or office is worn out. Before you give in to the urge to just pack up and move to a new place, try these three simple steps:


A deep clean can go a long way to reinvigorating a dilapidated room. A simple vacuuming and tidying-up can do wonders, but you may find that you need more; that’s what professionals are for. They have the tools and the know-how to get stubborn grime that your eye doesn’t even register anymore.


Whether your walls are scuffed-up or the color is simply too many years out of date, a fresh coat of paint will cover all manner of sins. You’ll likely want professional painting contractors to help you with this project. Painting may seem like something anyone can do, but professionals will know how to finish quickly and cleanly, without getting paint on your carpets and furniture.


The last-ditch defense against that stale, shopworn feeling is a complete renovation. It’s also worth noting that many professional painters NYC, as well as in other big cities, also provide cleaning and renovation work. Even if they don’t, they probably know the best local providers for those services. A floor-to-ceiling overhaul can completely transform a room, an apartment, or an entire building. This may seem like a big step to take, but the results can be breathtaking!

One Last Thing To Remember

When you spend any significant amount of time in a space, your eye becomes numb to the little blemishes, skimming over signs of wear and tear. Take a step back. Ask yourself whether your place is really as clean and fresh as you want. If the answer is anything less than an enthusiastic, unambiguous yes, consider seeking advice and a quote from a local professional.