Design of a Furnace in the House, as a Heater, when Cold

Houses with modern designs today rely a lot on the current layout. Furniture and the elements in it are also deliberately made to affect the concept of the house as a whole. One innovative element is the presence of a furnace which is widely adopted by many minimalist homeowners.

The design of a furnace in a minimalist home itself is not so common. Even its use only in cold areas such as in the mountains. The furnace has been used since ancient times as a medium for cooking, heating water, and also functions as a room temperature heater. Materials used to make furnaces are usually stone, brick, and metal.

In this modern era, the use of this furnace has shifted a little. Since 2010, the furnace has been used more to warm the room. Usually placed in one corner of the family room used when relaxing and chatting while drinking. And also, now there are many furnace repair services that you can choose from when your furnace is broken.

Furnace Placement Planning in the House

It would be very calming, of course, if when you are chatting with your family there is something that can support your warmth. Well, having a furnace in one corner of the living room will really help warm the body, especially during cold weather. Then how to design a family room with an additional furnace in it? We will try to review the following design examples.

  1. Furnace in the middle of the room

The first idea of making a furnace in a family room is to be placed in the middle. The existence of a sofa that surrounds the furnace will give a different feel of warmth. This view will also make the family room more elegant and luxurious.

To reference the shape of the furnace, you can look for it on various home design websites or by subscribing to a magazine. Choose the best design and adjust it to the budget you have.

  1. Edge/Corner Furnace

Besides being in the middle of the room, the furnace can also be placed on the edge or in special shelf space. For the furnace itself, there are various kinds. You can choose based on your budget and taste. Can you imagine? The relaxed atmosphere created between you and your family when a fire burns in the furnace.

Unique Furnace Design as a Decorative Element

In Europe and America and areas that have four seasons, almost every house has a furnace to warm the body or what is often called a fireplace. Indeed, the cold temperature that sometimes feels to the bone will certainly be very comfortable if there are media that can warm up in the house.

The design of this furnace is also very diverse, usually adapting to the theme of the room or in harmony with the wishes of the owner of the house. Ceramic furnace designs are the most widely used designs for furnace materials for fireplaces. The very many ceramic motifs and patterns are the main reasons for the use of this material.

Design combinations are also often found in home furnace designs. If you miss a beach atmosphere, you can mix and match the material from wood that is easily shaped as desired or carved with attractive motifs with regularly arranged shell houses. You can also put some decorative elements around the furnace to make it look more attractive.

The Advantage of Having a Furnace

Having a furnace as part of a minimalist home interior has many positive things in it. Above, it has been minimized a little, that is, the attractive design of this furnace can make the room look beautiful and memorable. The warmth released from the furnace is also enough to relax you and your family together.

Finally, of course with the use of this furnace, it will cost far less. You don’t need to buy electronic equipment to warm the room, the price of which is certainly not cheap, not to mention the electricity bill which is sure to soar. So, in essence, the presence of a furnace will really help you and your family during cold weather.