5 Best Online Hardware Stores in the UK

Scattered today across the internet are various online hardware retail stores that offer various hardware services to customers. It’s almost as though it’s a competition today.

Users on UK.collected.reviews note that this growing competition amongst online retail vendors is a need to meet the highest customer satisfaction there is. Looking at the reviews of ecommerce sites on online retail stores, there are still a handful of stores whose customer services are nothing to write home about.

This is also prevalent in the online hardware retail business. There are so many other online hardware stores in the UK today with good customer reviews and reputation. Some of these online stores include:

1.      Screwfix:

Screwfix is one of the best online stores today in the UK that sells efficient hardware products of various types. The company has over four hundred and eighty physical stores across the UK and also has an efficiently running online store. Screwfix is mostly known for its click-and-collect service that is very useful to buyers. Their products range from home repair items to heating and plumbing tools. The company also offers free delivery services 7 days a week.

2.      Toolstation:

Today in the UK, there are over two hundred and fifty Toolstation stores accompanied by its efficient online services. The hardware stores run a smooth hybrid service that allows for seamless customer-seller transactions. Their website is open 7 days a week. The wares they sell range from gardening tools and equipment to work wears and landscaping kits. In 2016, Toolstation was named the retailer of the year during annual awards and also emerged as the best online retailer of DIY and decorating products.

3.      Moles:

Moles is a hardware store in South Wales and Southern England. It also runs a very efficient online hardware store. Moles was formerly known as Scats. The store’s online hardware retails ranges mostly on agricultural DIY equipment and tools.

4.      Zebra Hardware UK:

Zebra Hardware is another top online hardware store in the UK. This store, in particular, specialises only in-home hardware like door handles, door packs, door locks, latches and other door related accessories. The store opens from 9 am till 5 pm every day except on holidays and they offer free delivery services to orders above £25.

5.      Snape & Sons:

Snape and sons is a renowned online hardware store in the UK. This hardware retail store is a family run business. It’s been in existence since 1936 and while it has also included an online store over the years, it’s still reputable for offering satisfying services to its range of customers. Their products include DIY items, household items, decorating items and gardening items also. The store has a good click-and-collect service and also offers free delivery services depending on the total cost of goods acquired.

There are so many renowned online homeware stores in the UK that offer both good and fair services and the above mentioned online hardware stores level up as some of the best in the hardware e-commerce business in the UK.