How to use recycled furniture for decor

Furniture plays a crucial role in the home decor process as it is the element that fills up the space and covers most of the area. It serves the purpose of seating, storage, and aesthetics. Hence, it is being concluded that good furniture pieces should be functional as well as beautiful. Because while designing, no one likes their room to be messed up with numerous design styles. Hence, choosing the ideal furniture that fires your space perfectly seems a big task go through the article on House Frey.

Certainly, it is also important for a furniture piece to be economical. What if it is beautiful but doesn’t fit your budget. Hence, in this case, upcycling your old furniture or choosing sustainable furniture seems the only option. Upcycled doesn’t mean old. Recycled furniture is a great trend nowadays as they are made out of old furniture but presented in a whole new look. For instance, using an old chair in a way that it behaves as a shelf for many plants. In this way, the chair was used twice, and money was saved.

Many companies try to shift to sustainability and create furniture with materials that don’t harm the environment. But another way to preserve the environment is to reuse the materials by recycling them. Recycling is a great process as it helps in upgrading the material. Till that time it has lost all of its energy.

One of the common pieces of furniture you can see on the internet is the seating made out of a tire. It is like binding two of the tires with some natural material like rattan and then putting up foam and fabric for comfortable seating. It is the most economical piece I have discovered, but it looks stunning. Nobody can make out on the first gauge that it is made out of old tires.

Also, the way some old suitcases are being transformed into seatings is terrifying. It seems like furniture from another world. Just pitting foamed seating, fabrics and four legs makes it perfect for seating.

All these are just examples; you need to know about your preferences and stretch your bar of creativity to see what you could make from one. Using old trunks as centerpieces is a whole new fashion. These are being used in some bohemian designs. But sustainability doesn’t stick to one style of designing; it is for all. Hence, we just need to see what can work in particular for your space. There are numerous videos and blogs on the internet that tell about how to create some furniture step by step from an old one. Sometimes just adding new paint or just changing the upholstery also turns the picture. It makes a monotonous and old piece look super fresh and new.

You can simply repurpose anything you want; some ideas for the same are as follows:

  • Wooden packing crates:
    • These are of great help, as they can be converted into many things, like a shelf for stacking magazines, or a bedside table, or maybe a shelf for your kid to store their toys.
  • Old doors can be used as background for your drawing room, as it has some vintage vignette, it will add character to the space, or it can be used simply as a headboard for your bed.
  • I.Y. is all that you need to do; you can create anything: a side table into a flower pot, trunk into seats or table, and closet into an open planter for your small plants.


It can be concluded that a furniture piece can be used in numerous ways and not the one it is made for. There are many videos up on the internet to customize and upgrade your piece of furniture. If somehow, you cannot figure out how to recycle it, or if the furniture doesn’t seem to serve any purpose, simply give it away. Maybe to a company that can upcycle and restore the furniture to a whole new look. By simply painting a furniture piece or changing up the upholstery of the couch can give a new look to the room. These simple tips and tricks are quite useful when you have decided to go sustainable and economical. Certainly, sustainability should not be a choice. Rather it should be a part of every project.