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The Types and Uses of Steam Cleaners Steam cleaners are hot-water use devices that are used to clean the surface. Steam cleaners are used to kill allergens, mold, bacteria, and fungus on surfaces. Steam cleaners are mainly used in homes, inns and restaurants. A steam cleaner can be used to clean surfaces that are heat resistant. Steam cleaners are mainly of two types, Traditional Steam Cleaners and Vapor Steam Cleaners. Traditional steam cleaners have a boiler, a hose, tank and brushes and make use of warm water to clean the surface. These steam cleaners are used on the floor only. The warm water is spread on the dirty floor, and the revolving brushes scrub the floor collecting the dirty water into a container. Some of the cleaners may need a cleaning detergent, but they mostly depend on the steam and brushes to perform this process. Vapour Steam cleaners feature a container with a heater, a nozzle and a hose. Water is boiled in a tank to produce steam that is then thrown onto the dry surface through a hose and nozzle. The work of the steam, in this case, is to loosen the dirt and stains on the surface. With the help of a vacuum cleaner, the surface is then cleaned.
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The vapour content in the steam cleaner is only six percent hence the surface will dry out as soon as it is cleaned. Heat resistant surfaces can be cleaned using a vapour steam cleaner. This type of a filter is most suitable for people with chemical allergies.
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A good steam cleaner is one that has replaceable steam hose rather than those that are permanently connected to the vapor steam cleaner. The issue with attached hoses is unexpected hose malfunction that will require the user to carry the entire system back for service which can be distressing especially if the cleaner is for daily use. It is recommended that you buy a vapor cleaner with a replaceable hose. The construction of a steam cleaner case is another aspect that one needs to consider when buying a steam cleaner. Steam cleaners of high quality are made of stainless steel, heavy-duty plastic casing or else a combination of both. Avoid buying a cleaner that has a painted metal case as it will rust over time due to the heat generated from the steam cleaner. Do not confuse carpet steam cleaners with steam cleaners as they have different applications. Although steam cleaners can be used to spot clean carpets, drapes, and upholstery, they are mainly designed to clean hard surfaces and not full carpet cleaning applications. aA carpet steam cleaner is a carpet cleaner that is dedicated for carpet cleaning tasks. If your application calls for carpet cleaning, buy a carpet cleaner and not a vapour steam cleaner.