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Handy Tips for Frequent Flyers

Travel is just one of the niches you’ll find so many tips written about, especially on the Internet. But are all of these tips worth reading? Maybe not. Some are so common sense, like as “keep an empty bottle of water in handy” or “pack little” and the like.

If you want real tips that can give you real benefits when you’re always on the go, whether for work, business or pleasure, check out the following:

1. Read about code shares and how they work.

Prior to booking a flight on a partner airline for miles, review the nature of their partnership. That travel clock is always ticking, but you have to find time to review the details. Some will give you the same mileage, others less. Yet others will count miles depending on how much money you paid for the ticket, and not on the distance flown.

2. Book flights separately one-way each instead of round-trip.

Sometimes, if you fly two different airlines and book two one-way tickets, your total bill will come out cheaper compared to getting a round-trip; you can even get better arrival and departure times while mixing and matching flights. Obviously, if you go with this option, you will find that your travel clock will be more flexible for you.

3. Take advantage of your airline’s app.

Most airlines have apps that you can use to check real-time updates on things like gate changes or delays. As a traveler, you know how a tool like this can be so helpful. You can even go paperless boarding with these apps at most airports. Not to mention your travel clock will be easier to manage.

4. See what perks are offered by your credit cards.

Unknown to you, your credit cards may come with perks you can use when traveling. Remember though that these privileges can vary widely, so you will have to know what your priorities are – for instance, would you rather waive your foreign transaction fees or get more miles? But there will be times when you’ll have to decide fast – remember, travel clock is always ticking!

5. Get rid of those cookies.

Finally, if you’ve ever heard that little thing called “dynamic pricing,” know that it isn’t going to decrease the price of a flight even if you refresh the window incessantly; in fact, it can even increase it because the system will read the activity as a sign that demand has gone up. Many people like to work around this by using incognito windows, but clearing your search history and cookies is always a safer alternative.

There are more tips that can help increase your frequent flier IQ, but these are five that can really make a huge difference in your experience. Your travel clock can stay up to date, and all travelers know this is important.

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